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CP319 Chassis Plate - P4 & P5 1963-64

CP459 Chassis plate - Rover P5

CP486 Chassis plate - Austin Rover Group

CP477 Chassis plate - Rover Group

CP368 Chassis plate - Land Rover

CP409 Chassis plate - Range Rover

CP429 Chassis plate - Land Rover 88" Series 3, Diesel

CP430 Chassis plate - Land Rover 88" Series 3, Petrol

CP437 Tappet Clearance plate - Rover P6

CP438 Patent plate - Rover P5 & P6

CP439 Lucas 2 Speed Wiper plate

CP462 Chassis plate - Land Rover 109" Series 3, Petrol

CP484 Chassis plate - Land Rover 109" Series 2A

CP485 Chassis plate - Land Rover 88" Series 2A

WB609 Wheel Centre Badge, Rover P6 (Skeleton type) Silver on Black

WB610 Wheel Centre Badge, Rover P6 (Skeleton type) Gold on Black

WB611 Wheel Centre Badge, Rover P5 Silver on Black


LH415 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Late Rover (Black)

LH418 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Early Rover (White)

LH436 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Union Jack (Union Flag)


ST140A Rover paint colour label - SILVER BIRCH

ST140B Rover paint colour label - ADMIRALTY BLUE

ST140C Rover paint colour label - BLACK

ST140D Rover paint colour label - ZIRCON BLUE

ST140E Rover paint colour label - BURNT GREY

ST140F Rover paint colour label - JUNIPER GREEN

ST140G Rover paint colour label - WHITE

ST140H Rover paint colour label - ARDEN GREEN

ST140I Rover paint colour label - BORDEUX RED

ST140J Rover paint colour label - ALMOND P

ST140K Rover paint colour label - TOBACCO LEAF

ST140L Rover paint colour label - BRIGADE RED

ST140M Rover paint colour label - MONZA RED

ST140N Rover paint colour label - DAVOS WHITE

ST140O Rover paint colour label - LUNAR GREY

ST140P Rover paint colour label - CAMERON GREEN P

ST140Q Rover paint colour label - MEXICO BROWN

ST142 Cooling system label - Rover P5

ST143 Technical Information label - Rover 3500 Automatic

ST144 Premium Grade Fuel label (105 Octane, 5*) - Rover P6 (Sticks inside glass, adhesive on front)

ST145 "Most Important" label - Rover P5 & P6

ST146 Fuse Box label - Rover P5 & P6

ST147 Patents label - Rover P5 & P6

ST148 Girling Reservoir label - various Rover

ST164 Negative Earth label - Rover P5 & P6

ST165 Technical Information label - Rover 3500S ManualL

ST171 "E11/E2" patents label - Rover P6 1972-77

ST175 Technical Information label - Rover P6 2000

ST219 "E11/E2" patents label - Rover P6 3500 1970-73

ST220 Technical Information label - Rover 2200SC

ST221 Technical Information label - Rover P6 2000TC (1966-70)

ST222 Technical Information label - Rover P6 2000TC (1970)

ST233 Cooling System label - Rover 3500 & 3500S

ST250 Vokes Air Filter label - Rover P4

ST265 Safety Harness anchorage label

ST270 Lucas Ballast Coil decal - Various Rover

ST271 Bluecol 'U' Antifreeze label - Various Rover

ST276 Union Jack, 6" x 4" - Various Rover and Land Rover

ST299 Technical Information label - Rover 2000 Automatic

ST302 Radio Suppressor label - Rover P6, SD1

ST303 "SHOULD NOT OPERATE ON LESS THAN 95 OCTANE" label - Rover P6 (Sticks onto vehicle, adhesive on back)


ST309 Technical Information label - Rover 3500 P6, SD1 Automatic

ST312 "ROVER" Rocker Cover label - P6, Range Rover, SD1

ST313 Battery Warning label - Rover P6 & SD1

ST314 Battery Disconnect label - Rover P6 & SD1

Austin Austin Healey Daimler/Jaguar Ford

MG Mini Morris Riley

Rover Triumph Wolseley Other